Where can I see my associated documents?

There are various documents relating to investments and grants in a company that can be stored on Capdesk, this article will explain where to find them (if relevant)

On Capdesk, documents can be attached to transactions and to a stakeholder. There are 2 primary places for finding documents associated with your transactions recorded on Capdesk. 

1) There is a documents section on Capdesk which stores all uploaded documents available for you to see. Go to the paper icon found in the top right (second icon):

Document section

You will see any and all documents related to you, either attached directly to you as a stakeholder or to a transaction that involves you. E.g. you can find your signed grants here if they have been recorded on Capdesk and EIS certificates if they have been generated on Capdesk as seen below:

2) You can go to your portfolio, any documents that have been recorded with the transactions will be found there.

First by selecting the equity group that has transactions related to it that would have the documents, highlighted with a red circle below:

After this, you'll see the window (pictured below) and you'll be able to select the transaction for which you would like to see attached documents.

This will then bring you to another window that will show you the details of that transaction and also any notes and documents that have been recorded with the transaction, in this example, it is the EIS certificate.

Alternatively, if you have access to a company's Capdesk Dashboard and account, you can find the documents in that company's "Documents" page. This is also where you find any documents the company has uploaded:

Please also note that the documents available for you to have access to is subject to the company uploading the documents. If you are unable to view any documents on Capdesk and you would like to have access to some i.e Share Certificate, then please contact the company.

If you need further assistance on finding documents, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket here.

Thank you for reading this support article, if you are interested to read other articles that relate to managing your account, please see this page of articles: support.capdesk.com/stakeholders