What is difference between draft and published data?

This support article highlights what it means to be in drafts and published.


Before a Capdesk account goes live, all data entries will be in draft. Going live will publish all the data and invites all stakeholders to view their holdings on Capdesk (you can edit the email notification to shareholders in the “Email Templates” tab). Therefore in drafts, no one is notified or can view their data except for administrators who are managing the account.

In drafts, you can make any changes to the data if necessary, such as editing or deleting an issuance. 

When importing a file onto Capdesk that is yet to go live, the data will automatically be saved as drafts and you can 'View Imported Data'. Similarly, when manually inputing data onto Capdesk, click 'Save as Draft' (before going live, this will be the only save option). Once this has occurred, the issuance will have a 'Draft' status. 

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Once saved as draft, you can edit the transaction. Click on Shares (under Ownership) -> Transactions -> action button (3 dots) of the draft issuance, the following options are available:

  • 'Publish and Notify' - This option will only be available if your account is live and explained further down the article.
  • 'Edit' - Allows you to edit the issuance data e.g share quantity, share price, date etc
  • 'Delete' - Completely remove the issuance.

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Once all the data has been reviewed and deemed to be accurate, the account can 'Go Live'. If you want to know what to check before you go live, click here. Going live publishes all the data and you will not be able to edit any transactions and you will need to revoke the transaction and issue again.

A live account can have both 'Draft' and 'Published' data. To view both types of data, click Drafts (under Status) and tick 'Activate Draft Visibility'. If this is not activated, only published data will be shown.

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When importing a file onto Capdesk account that is live, you will have the option to save the data as a draft by clicking 'View imported data' or publishing the data by clicking 'Publish (x) Draft Transactions'. 

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When manually inputing data onto a live Capdesk account, you will be faced with similar options.

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If you have reviewed the draft data and deem it to be accurate, you can make publish it. This is done by clicking the action button of the corresponding draft data and then clicking 'Publish and Notify'.  The status will change from 'Draft' to 'Published' and the stakeholder will receive an email about transaction, option grant etc.

You can do 3 actions with a published data, click on Shares (under Ownership) -> Transactions -> Action button (the 3 dots) of the published issuance, the following options are available:

  • 'Revoke' - Revoking is a way of amending a mistake in published data. Since you can’t “edit the past", revoking publishes new transactions that “undo” the ones you consider incorrect/obsolete. 
  • 'Change Funding Round' - Attach or change a funding round associated to the transaction. To understand more about funding rounds, click here.
  • 'Put to Register' - Puts the share transaction to the shareholder register.

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If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket here.