What do Shareholders and Option Holders Users See

Once you log in to Capdesk, you will see the ”Portfolio” landing page that details your equity.

Opiton holders portfolio

You can see in the above screenshot that Sherlock Holmes has shares in company ABC and options in ABC123 with a summary of how many shares they hold, shares % (this can be configured and hidden from shareholders), votes, amount invested and the share class.


Shareholders can access the company’s page (i.e. click on company ABC). They’ll be able to see pages: Funding Rounds, Share Classes, News and Documents (this can be accessed via the left hand side bar).

However, this will vary depending on what settings you have enabled in the “Settings and Add-ons” tab. You can read more information here.


Option holders will not have access to the company’s page. They can only click on the option grant which provides more information about the option grant will be shown on the right hand side. This includes details of the grant, vesting schedule, valuations, any notes / documents and transactions.

Option holders details