Updating share issuances on Capdesk

This support article will show you how you can edit share issuances on Capdesk

To update any share issuances, you'll need to click on "Shares" on the left-hand side and make sure you are on the "Transactions" tab. 

Please note that the issuance transaction will need to be in drafts for you to fully make any edits.

You'll need to click on the three-dotted action button by the transaction and click on 'Edit'.

Edit shares 1

Once you've done this, you'll be brought to a page where you can edit the details of the issuance including share class, date of issuance, quantity, currency and price paid per share. You can also add documents such as a share certificate which allows the shareholder to have access to.

Edit shares 2

Once you have updated the details, you can either click "Save as Draft" to keep the changes in drafts or "Publish and Notify Shareholder". The latter allows the shareholder to view this transaction. 

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 15.02.56

Once a share issuance is published, you'll only be able to edit two pieces of information about the share issuance, these being the registration date and funding round.

To change a funding round you'll need to click on the three dotted action button and select "Change Funding Round".

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 15.04.31

After you've selected the funding round select "Save Issuance".

If you select "Put to Register", you can enter a registration date for the issuance, this is the date that is recorded in the share register.

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 15.08.58


If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket here.