The 'Transactions' page

This page shows is discloses your account activity for share transactions (transfers, cancellations, option exercises, revoked issuances) and so fourth.

  1. Transactions
  2. Transaction Details
  3. Reports
  4. How to issue shares


The transaction page is where you can get a list of all transactions recorded on Capdesk.

In order to view the transaction list. Go to the Shares tab (under Ownership).

Transaction page


You will see the following columns:

  • Type: The type of transaction e.g. Issuance, Transfer, etc.
  • Class: The share class of the transaction
  • Seller: The seller of the shares. When issuing new shares the seller is the company.
  • Buyer: The buyer of the shares
  • Shares: The number of shares in the transaction
  • Share Price: The price paid per share
  • Transactioned: The date of when the transaction took place
  • Updated: When the transaction was updated on Capdesk
  • Status: This indicates whether or not the transaction is in the draft or published state
  • Action button (...): This button allows you to revoke a published transaction and to delete or modify a draft.


View transactions details:

Click on the highlighted transaction type to view the details of the transaction.

You can find further information on the issuance on the right-hand side.

Issuance - Transaction pg


  • Transaction History; is a complete export of all share transaction registered for your company on Capdesk today.
  • Shareholder Overview; each shareholder's details and share class, the list shows how many shares the shareholders hold
  • Shareholder Register; a complete and compliant company register

Transaction - reports

Issuing Shares 

If you are interested in issuing shares, registering cancellations or transfers, please refer to this support article for further assistance. 


If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket here.