Signing Share Certificates on Capdesk

To generate share certificates, you can find more information here.

Once you have generated the share certificates, you are ready to get the share certificates signed.

If you want to execute the signing of the share certificate on Capdesk, you can select "Send for Signing". The status then updates to In Signing" and it will appear in the "Tasks" page (under Status).

You can see that the share certificate is awaiting signature and it is signed to the default signatory for the company. If you want to change the signatory, click on the action button (3 dots on the far right) -> Change Signatory.

You can find out how to select default signatory here.

As the signatory for the company, you can review and sign the share certificate (click on action button and select Review and Sign).


This will lead you to a page to add / select a witness. Your witness will be invited via email to log into the platform and sign the agreement.


Once you have selected / added witness details, you can sign the share certificate. You will see the below:

You and your witness will need to be signed in on Capdesk and found in the same physical location before you are allowed to sign (this is to ensure that the signing is valid under UK law).

If it is not possible for both you and your witness to log in and sign at that moment, you can sign the agreement at a later time by navigating back to 'Tasks' which you can do so by clicking on "Exit" in the top left side.

If you would like to change your witness, similarly, go to "Review and Sign" again. Then "Add New Witness".

When you and your witness is ready to sign, click on the action button (...), and select 'Review and Sign'.




Once you and your witness are both logged in and ready to sign, you will be directed to the share certificate signing page. However, you will not be able to read the full document until you hit the green 'Continue' button, shown below.

For additional options, including the option to sign at a later time, click 'More Options' and select your preferred one from the drop-down menu.


Once you have clicked on "Continue", you'll then be able to sign the share certificate. To sign, click on the yellow box with the red arrow on it.



This will make a pop-up window appear, where you will be given the choice between two virtual signatures. Click on the signature you prefer, draw your signature or upload, and then click 'Adopt and Sign' on the bottom left.

The signing is done through Docusign.



Your electronic signature will be visible in the share certificate and click the 'Finish' button at the top of your screen to finalise the process.

Please note that the share certificate is not officially issued yet. The next step in the process is for your witness to sign the share certificate too.

Once the witness has signed it, the shareholder will now be able to see their share certificate.

The Task page will be updated to Completed and you can also see in the Certificates page that the status has updated to "Signed".


You can also click on View and you can see the signed share certificate attached: