Selecting a Default Signatory For Your Company

When executing documents to be signed on Capdesk, you can select the default signatory (the person who will sign documents on behalf of the company).

You can do this by going to the User Access page (under Settings) then editing the access of the administrator.


Once you are on the Edit Access page, scroll down to the Signing section (which you can find at the bottom of the page).

Change to "Write" and tick checkbox "Make this admin the default signatory" then click on the button "Save".


Write access only:

You can also give other admins write access which means they can sign documents but they are not default person that will be sent a task to sign (edit the admins access then simply change the signing to "Write" and save).

Additionally, you can change the default signatory by doing the above to another administrator which will then update the default signatory person.