Round Modeling report on Capdesk

You can export a round model from Capdesk and this article explains how it works.

Capdesk allows you to model a new financing round and you can do this by exporting the "Round modeling" report.

1) When on your Capdesk account click on "Cap Table" (under Ownership). Round Modelling Picture 1

2) You'll then need to click on the green "Export" button and click "Round Modelling".

Round Modelling Picture 2

3) After this, you'll be brought to the "Order Report" page, you'll then select what data you want to be included in the report. Once you've clicked on the "Order" button, the report will be sent to you via email which you can download.

Round Modelling Picture 3 

Once you've downloaded the excel file, you'll be shown the "Round Modelling" report:

Round Modelling picture 4

This gives you a view of the fully diluted cap table before and after the new investment. 

The orange cells in the "Investment" column is where you can enter the new amount invested by each potential investor. 

Round modelling screenshot 5

If you wish to add more than two new investors you'll have to click on one of the new stakeholders and right-click to insert a new line. You'll then be able to enter the name of the new investor and the amount they invested. 

You can calculate the number of options needed to maintain the option pool as a percentage of the cap table by using the tools on the top left hand of the report, "Pool Adjustment Method" and "Adjust To". The "Pool Adjustment Method" selects which part of the option pool you wish to adjust and "Adjust To" the proportion of shares you wish the option pool to account for. 

Round Modelling

The "Pre-money Valuation" is the aggregate pre-money valuation, rather than the price paid per share.

The figures which you enter in relation to the amount invested and the option pool will affect the "Post Investment" box which gives you an overview of how your fully diluted cap table will appear after the new investments have taken place.

Round modelling screenshot 6

For the pool adjustment function to work you may need to enable iterative calculations, to do this you'll need to complete the following tasks, File->Options->Formulas->Calculation options->Enable iterative calculation.

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