Revoking Published Data

You might need to revoke a published data due to incorrect data. This article explains how to do this.

First, you'll need to locate the data that needs revoking, this can be done from various pages.
Cap Table, Shares (Transactions), Options (Grants) page etc.

Captable Data

Once you have located the data, you'll need to use the action button on the right-hand side of the transaction to select "Revoke".

Revoke Button

After this, you'll need to enter a revocation note. This will help you keep a history of what data has been altered since being published. Then click on "Revoke".

Revocation Note

This transaction will then be removed from the stakeholder and you can then record the transaction again with the correct information.

If you run into any errors or issues while working through this, feel free to contact support here


Otherwise, thank you for reading this support article!

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