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The News Page

The News page is where all the stakeholder updates you write are gathered. News can also be sent via email to all stakeholders.

You can find the News page under Investor Relations.

You can add a news article by clicking on “Write an Update” button.


This will open a news form, where you can compose your news. On the form you have the option to:

- Upload a cover photo for the news. If no cover is added, we will use your company cover photo

- Compose a header

- Compose your message

- Add images

- Add links

- Upload documents

This is automatically saved as draft. Once you are done writing your news update, you can either click on “Back” or “Publish”.


If you choose to go “Back”, you will see that it is in draft. You can edit / publish or delete it.


If you choose to “Publish”, this will be sent to all stakeholders. Once sent, you can see the statistics of the news post. News Statistics provide an overview of the emails you've sent, whether they've arrived correctly, and whether they have been opened by the recipients.


In addition, shareholders can comment on the news post unless you disable comments in the Settings and Add-ons tab under Settings (under Basic Settings -> News and Comments -> checkbox Disable Comments).