How to use your own DocuSign account on Capdesk

Log in to your own DocuSign account so there is no additional cost

Using any of  online signing features (share certificates, option grant signing, etc) on Capdesk will, by default, use our DocuSign account and this will cost you £2.50 per document to cover the cost of signing. However, we allow you to log in to your own DocuSign account so there is no additional cost for you. 

Log on to Capdesk and go to your company's account

Then go to Settings -> Settings and Add-ons -> scroll down and click the arrow next to "Signing Settings" -> Click "Use your own account"

This will bring you to the DocuSign Account log in page:

After entering your email and password, you'll be logged in with your own DocuSign account and there will not an additional charge for using any of the features that requires signature(s).

If you do not have your own DocuSign account, there will be a charge of £2.50 per document. If you are instead using another online signing service, please get in contact with support using the links below to log a request to include your signing service on Capdesk.

If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support article here.

Thank you for reading this support article, if you are interested to read other articles that relate to managing your account, please see this page of articles: