How to update the email invitation when going live

When you go live, all the data on Capdesk will be published and an email invitation will be sent to all stakeholders. Follow the steps below to edit the email invitation

You can edit the email invitation by going to "Email Templates" page under Settings and you should then see multiple templates depending on the equity:

To see what the email currently looks like you can select the name of the template (circled in red above), for example, the below is the shareholder invitation email:

(For investors that have not signed up to Capdesk before, they will receive the same email except the green "View Investment" button will have "Sign up" written)

The different email templates allow you to customise the content for different equity-group holders.

Where available for different equity groups, we have two email tempaltes for option grantholders - one for grants registered on Capdesk and another for those that are being invited to Capdesk to sign their grant (agreement) online.

For more information regarding Capdesk's online option grant signing, please see these articles:

If you want to edit the text in the centre of the message, you can do so by selecting "Edit" from the action button on the right-hand side (3 dots) of the first picture.

This brings you to an editor where you can edit the subject, add hyperlinks and personalise the invitation.

By replacing "Dear Shareholder" with "Dear " you can have the name of the shareholder populated in place of "Shareholder".

Click "Save" to make the changes to the email invitation.

Additionally, you can send a test email invitation to yourself to see what the email looks like. To do so, click "Send" from the dropdown menu (in the first picture).

If you have enabled other equity groups from your Settings and Add-ons page, their invitation email will be visible from this list and you can make the same edits.

In the case that you do not want to invite a particular person or group of people to Capdesk, you can enter a dummy email address in place of their real one. This means they will not receive an email inviting them to sign up to Capdesk and they will not be able to see their investments.

If you wish at a later date to invite the stakeholder, you can do so by modifying the stakeholder details and update to their correct email address (see article here on how to update stakeholder details: view-and-modify-stakeholders-details).

Once email address is updated, you will need to re-invite so they receive the email invitation. To find out more how to do this, read here

If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket here.

Thank you for reading this support article, if you are interested to read other articles that relate to managing your account, please see this page of articles: