How to sign up to Capdesk

If you are new to Capdesk and are unsure how to start using your account, this article will provide steps on how to get you in control of your investments

Signing up to Capdesk as an individual stakeholder:

To sign up to Capdesk, you would've received an email invitation if a company you have invested in or have grants which has recorded your investments/grants on Capdesk.

You will need to click on the green button "Sign up to use Capdesk" in the email invitation (see below). 

Sign up to use Capdesk

You will then be led to the sign-up page. Enter your details and set a password and then click on "Sign Up". Alternatively, you can sign in with LinkedIn.

Sign up page

(If you were invited to sign an option grant please follow this support article:

Once signed up and logged in,  you'll be brought to your home page where you will see 3 headers:
Portfolio, Administrated and Viewed.Portfolio Administrated and Viewed

Signing up to Capdesk as a company investor:

Similar to the individual investor, you will receive an email invitation and you can click on the green button in the email to sign up. Once signed up and logged in, on the home page, you will also see "Claim your Company" listed. For more information on this, please see this support article here.

Claim your company

Now you have successfully signed up to Capdesk!

For information on managing your account and finding your shares/options, please see the following links:


If you need further assistance, you can submit a support ticket here: support ticket

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