How to record share grants

Adding share grants or growth shares and how to view and edit once added

If you have already signed and issued share grants, this article explains how to record and track these on Capdesk.

If you have several grants, it may be easier to bulk import these grants. 

Before you can record share grants, you will need to ensure you have:

  1. Enabled the share grants module 
  2. Create the share class to issue share grants as 
  3. Create a share grant plan  (you may also want to create an incentive pool)

With that completed, navigate to the share grant section, found under Equity Awards in the left-hand menu, then selecting the green “Issue Grant” button and select "Register offline Issuance".

"Register Offline Issuance" is to simply record an issued share grant, typically historical data. The "Issue Online" executes the grant and allow for the grantholder to sign the agreement (applicable only if your company is live). 

2021-01-13 register offline issuance for share grants

Then select a grantholder, this can either be someone who has already been registered on Capdesk, or you can add someone new.

To add someone new, you can select “Add New Shareholder instead” from the bottom right.

If you select this you will need to enter the details of the new grantholder, primarily: Name and email address.

share grant 2

After this, or if you have selected an existing stakeholder, you will be brought to a page where you will need to input the details of the share grant. 

20210122 - Share grants

There are mandatory fields that need to be filled:

  • Share plan: Select the share plan you previously created. 
  • Grant date: Date of the grant agreement. Not to be confused with the vesting start date.
  • Shares: Number of shares to grant.

Non-mandatory fields:

  • Registration date: This is the official date of entry into the shareholder register.
  • Hurdle price: The hurdle price per share which has to be reached for the share grant to gain value.
  • Employment related?: A security is employment related, when it is deemed that a person acquires it by reason of employment. you can tick this box if this applies. It is essential to tick this box if you need to report the grant to HMRC in the other ERS annual return.

The next input would be to apply the correct vesting schedule, you can read more on vesting schedules types.

You can attach any related documents to the grant at the bottom, this must be done before going live or publishing the grant as you cannot add documents to published data. 

Share Grant 10

Once complete, you can either "Save Draft" or "Publish and Notify Grantholder" (applicable only if the company is live). 

After you click "Save Draft" or "Publish and Notify Grantholder", you will find the grant listed on the "Grants" tab from the "Share Grants" page as seen below.

share grant 4

You can click on the "View" button for more information about the share grant.

Screenshot 2021-01-14 viewing share grant - new font

If the share grant is still in "Draft", you can edit the grant if you click on the three-dotted action button and clicking on "Edit". This will redirect you back to the share grant details page.

Screenshot 2021-01-13 - viewing share grant


If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket.