How to Re-Invite Stakeholders

Updating an email address, not having someone signup and other conditions like these can now be solved with the re-invite feature.

Re-inviting stakeholders now allows you to send an email off to your stakeholders on Capdesk with a simple button. This can be done in bulk to all non-registered stakeholders or to individuals, following these steps:

Re-inviting an individual

First, go to the "Cap Table" page under "Ownership", find the stakeholder you wish to re-invite and click the 'action' button on the right hand side of their entry and click "Reinvite Stakeholder" as seen in this picture:

Re-invite single

This would bring up a confirmation window as seen below, simply click send and the email will be sent.



Re-inviting in bulk

If you are looking to re-invite all non-registered stakeholders the process is much the same.

Come to the "Cap Table" page and look in the top right hand corner and click the "Invitations" button. This will bring up two buttons: "Reinvite" and "Statistics".

Select Reinvite and you will be shown a confirmation window to send out an email to all non-registered stakeholders.

Re-invite all Bulk

Click "Send" to finish.

Screenshot 2019-06-20 at 11.01.03


Sending the invites is one thing but if you want to know how many people have not signed up after receiving the "Reinvite" button, you can use the statistics page. You can access this by selecting "Statistics" under the "Invitations" button on the "Cap Table" page.

Re-invite all Statistics

Below is the "Statistics" page, where you can see in numbers who has opened the email and if they have failed. This information is available as a CSV file for your convenience.


Re-invite statistics


Thank you for reading this, if you have other questions about stakeholders, for example, modifying their email address or other details, please read these support articles: Administrators/Ownership.