How to Modify Vesting

If an optionholders’ vesting schedule has changed or if you have incorrectly inputted a vesting schedule, you can modify the vesting schedule if the option grant is recorded as a draft (not published).

Please note: If the option grant is published and you want to edit the vesting schedule, you will need to cancel the options (register it as a registration fault and issue the option grant again with the correct vesting schedule). You can find out more on how to cancel options here.

To modify vesting go to the “Options” tab (under Equity Awards) -> action button (with the 3 dots on the far right) -> “Modify Vesting”.

From here, you can update the vesting schedule (or select one of your vesting schedule templates. You can find out more about how to create a vesting schedule template on Capdesk here).

Once you have modified your vesting, click on Save.

You can see the updated vesting schedule by clicking on “View”.