How to manage your account (Shares)

This support article will explain how to manage your account. Including settings and where to find your shares.

After signing up to Capdesk (see article here if you have not signed up), you can now log in and you will find three headers: Portfolio, Administrated and Viewed.

Your portfolio will show you the company you have received the email invitation from with the amount of shares issued to you. 

From the home page, you will be able to see any companies on Capdesk that has listed you on their cap table in your portfolio. 

From here, you can view your investments as well as the transactional history that has been recorded by selecting the arrow next to the company name and click the equity group (highlighted with a green circle in the picture below) that you wish to view more information on.

For example, clicking on "Ordinary shares", you will see the below. It provides you with details on the transactions related to this share class. 

Transactional History

You can click on the "Type" i.e. Issuance and this will give you more information regarding this issuance transaction (see below). You can also find any relevant documents (if applicable) in the Documents section.  

Additionally, if you would like to add investments that aren't yet registered, you can find out how to do that here.

Depending on the company's settings as set by the company admin(s),  you can access the company's account dashboard by selecting the name of the company listed in your portfolio (highlighted with the red circle in the picture above).

From here you would have access to the investor relations page and could have access to the cap-table and shares totals page. On the investor relations page, you can see any news updates and any company documents (if applicable) if the company has posted any.

Company Account page 

5 icons in the top right-hand corner of Capdesk

There are 5 icons, from left to right:

Tasks Icon
Tasks: if you are required to sign anything, you'll find those requests here.

Documents Icon
Documents: if you have any documents attached to your transactions recorded on Capdesk, you should find them here (possibly EIS certificate, share certificate, shareholder agreement, etc.)

Notification Icon
Notifications: if a company you've invested in has any news published you can find out about it here.

Person Icon
Personal: this icon provides a list of different personal settings you can adjust and the logout button:

Personal Icon Settings

From these settings, you can change personal details such as address and phone number on the "Legal Identity Page", update information about yourself like adding a picture or adding your social media links on the "About You" page, change your password and add secondary emails on the "Capdesk Account" page (more information available here: Secondary Emails) and also configure your personal preferences from the "Preferences" page.

Support Icon
Support: this icon will provide 3 options: Submit a support ticket, Help centre and Refer a Friend.

Selecting "Help Centre" will bring you to our support site:, where we have support articles and videos to help explain how to manage your Capdesk account.

Help Centre

If you select "Submit a support ticket", you will see the below page, where you can enter details of a problem or request an answer that the help centre does not provide.
Submit Ticket


Selecting "Refer a Friend" will bring you to a page where you can enter your own details and that of your referral. We highly recommend trying it!

Refer a Friend


If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting support ticket here.

Thank you for reading this support article, if you are interested to read other articles that relate to managing your account, please see this page of articles: