How to Generate an SH06

Please note: Capdesk does not submit the SH06 to Companies House. You can generate the form, verify, update and file it online to Companies House.

The SH06 (Notice of cancellation of shares) is a Companies House filing legally required to be filed following a cancellation of shares.

Exporting an SH06 will generate an SH06 PDF ready for filing. We fill out a Companies House template with all your relevant share cancellations, known to Capdesk.

Once generated, you can download the PDF, print it, sign it, and send it by post to Companies House as instructed in the PDF. Alternatively you can use the data found in the PDF and available on Capdesk, when you view your filing, and file it electronically at Companies House.

You can generate this report by going to the “Companies House” tab -> green button “Export” -> “SH06”.

Export a SH06

This will bring you to a window where you can enter the Date of Cancellation. (If your company has not gone live, please select the Include drafts button, or it will export no data.

Generate a SH06


The SH06 report will be emailed to you and you can download, update if necessary and then file it to Companies House yourself. 

Once submitted to Companies House, you can record it on Capdesk as filed to keep a record of the date (found in the “FILED” column) in which you submitted it. You can do this by clicking on the action button (far right button with the 3 dots) -> File. 


File a SH06



date of filing sh06


If the SH06 is rejected by Companies House, you can record it as rejected on Capdesk (and then export the SH06 again). By using the Reject button found with the action button (three dots).

Reject SH06


For support with other filings, please use this link: Filings with Capdesk