How to export the cap table report

Exporting a cap table report as an Excel file

You can export the cap table report which you will receive in your email inbox.

To export the cap table report, go to the "Cap Table" page and click the green "Export" button from the right-hand-side to select the "Capitalization Table".

Capdesk - Captable report

Once you have clicked on "Capitalization Table", you'll be brought to the "Order Report" page where you can decide what you want to include in the report.

cap table 3

You can select:

  • The report currency
  • Include drafts: Tick this if you want to include draft data.

If your account is not live (all data is in drafts), ensure "Include drafts?" is ticked otherwise the report will be blank.

  • Include ceased shareholders: Those shareholders with zero shareholdings will be included if ticked.
  • Include deferred shares: Deferred shares will be included if ticked.
  • As Of: Select a date to see the cap table at a certain point in time.

Once complete, you can click on "Order". You will receive an email, as seen below and you can click "Download" to download the Excel file.

Cap table 5

If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket here.