How to Exercise Your Options Online on Capdesk

Exercise Options Update (2)

Once your company has invited you to exercise your options, you will be notified via an email notification.


Email to exercise options


If you would like to exercise your options but have not received an email to inviting you to do so, please contact your company.

You will need to verify your identity before you can exercise your options. Please read here if you would like more information on how to do this.


To exercise your option grant, you can directly click on the green button 'View the Exercise' or log in to Capdesk, where you will see the exerciseable option grant in your portfolio. 

Click on the action button (3 dots far right of the option grant) and then 'Exercise Option Grants'.


Exercise options


You will need to enter the amount of options you wish to exercise. If you have multiple option grants being terminated, they will also be listed so you can terminate multiple grants at once:


Exercise your grants

You can either exercise an amount of options or input '0' which will trigger no further actions. You have until the end of the exercise period to exercise your vested options on Capdesk.

Once you click on the 'Exercise' button, you will be directed to Docusign where you can review and sign the necessary exercise documents. 


Docusign - notice of exercise


To begin, click on 'Continue', which will allow you to review the document. Adopt a signature and sign; then click on 'Finish'.


After completing signing the exercise documents, you will be shown your exercise payment instructions. You will need to pay for your options via a bank transfer (only payment method available).

The account receiving your payment is an escrow account securely managed by our FCA-regulated partner Shieldpay. This means that, if the transaction is rejected by the company or fails for any other reason, you will be able to receive your money back. 


Exercise payment instructions

If you are not ready to pay yet, you can do so at a later time. Find the payment details in your 'Tasks' section (ticked checkbox on the top right), by navigating to the action button and selecting 'Fund Exercise'.


Fund exercise


Once you have transferred the necessary amount, it will take 2-3 working days for transfers to be processed. 

The company will be notified once your transfer is complete and they will need to approve the transaction. Once this has happened, the funds will be released from the escrow account and transferred to the company’s bank account. 

We will then publish the exercise and you will receive an email notification that the shares have been issued to you.

Any amount not exercised will be cancelled on the exercise deadline date.


How is the exercisable amount determined?


The amount available for exercise is determined by the company, and the amount that is not available for exercise will be cancelled at the start of the exercise period. Typically this would be the unvested amount but may vary by company or grant.

If you believe a mistake has been made, we recommend contacting the company before exercising.


Are there any fees involved?


The only payment you will need to make is the cost of exercising your options. There are no additional fees. If you notice a fee paid unrelated to the amount you paid for the options, then you will need to contact your bank.