Exit Modeling report on Capdesk

A waterfall analysis tool that is tailored to your specific capital structure so that you can better understand your return in different exit scenarios and valuations

The exit model report provides you with an overview of the amount each shareholder would receive upon a specific exit value. It is based on the liquidation preferences entered for the share class. You can find more about how to add these through this link.

Worksheets in the report; 

1) Equity Groups 

2) Waterfall Tiers

3) Liquidation Chart

4) Stakeholder Proceeds

Downloading the report 

To obtain your exit model, you’ll need to click on “Cap Table” page, then the green “Exports” button and “Exit Modelling”.

Exit Modelling

After selecting "Exit Modelling", you'll need to select what you want to be included in the report:


If you are yet to go-live, please select drafts as this will pick up and download all of your unpublished data.

Valuation; at conversion time of any outstanding notes. Required to simulate note conversion.

Exit modelling - Capdesk view


Once you've clicked "Order" you'll receive your exit model via email which you can download. This will arrive in your email inbox and then be available to download into an excel document. 


Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 21.46.22

Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 21.48.07Equity Groups;

The "Equity Groups" worksheet lists the equity groups with their characteristics listed including liquidation preference and seniority.

Exit model picture 1 CDF

Waterfall Tiers;

If you click on the "Waterfall Tiers" worksheet you'll be able to enter the "Exit Value". This then populates the proceeds by equity. The exit value which you enter should be the aggregate value rather than the price paid per share.

Exit model picture 2 CDF

 Liquidation Chart; 

On the liquidation chart, you'll be shown how different exit values can affect the proceeds per share.

Exit model picture 3 CDF

Stakeholder Proceeds;

You can find a list of proceeds for each investor on the "Stakeholder Proceeds" sheet.

Exit model picture 4 CDF


If you need further assistance, you can reach out by submitting a support ticket here.