How to Create an Incentive Pool

The incentive pool gives you an overview of all your incentive equity awards that support authorised options.

You can access this by clicking on the “Incentive Pool” tab (under Equity Awards) -> green button “Add Authorisation”.

You’ll then be directed to the page where you input the incentive pool details.

“RESTRICT USAGE TO” - only applicable if the plan uses specific authorisations e.g. CSOP restricted. and you have a separate pool for it. Please note, if you want to restrict the usage to a specific option plan, ensure you create the option plan first. You can read more about it here.

“NAME” - the name you want to give this particular incentive pool e.g. Employee Option Pool.

“AUTHORISED” - the date the pool was approved.

“SHARES AUTHORISED” - the number of shares authorised for the option pool.

“DOCUMENTS” - upload any incentive pool documents if applicable.


Once you have filled the incentive pool details, click on Save (Save as draft).


Once you have created your pool, they will appear on the “Incentive Pool” page.

Additionally, you can also see a breakdown of the pool:

  • “OUTSTANDING” - options that have been granted but they’ve not yet vested, exercised or lapsed.
  • “EXERCISED” - options that have been exercised.
  • “AVAILABLE” - options left in your incentive pool that have not yet been granted.
  • “AUTHORISED” - total number of options authorised in the pool.

Note: If options lapse than the number in “OUTSTANDING” will decrease and “AVAILABLE” will increase as the options are returned to the pool.