How to add an incentive pool

Recording an authorised incentive pool from which equity awards such as options, share grants, warrants and RSU's can be drawn from

The incentive pool allows you to keep track of what is left available in the pool to grant.

To begin, navigate to the 'Incentive Pool' page (under Equity Awards). Then to add an incentive pool click on the green 'Add Authorisation' button.

Incentive pool 20210119 SC1

You will then need to input the incentive pool details.

Incentive pool 20210119 S2
  • Name - The name you want to give this particular incentive pool e.g. Employee Option Pool.
  • Authorised - The date the incentive pool was approved.
  • Shares Authorised - The number of shares you have set aside and authorised for the incentive pool.
  • Note - You can enter notes about this incentive pool.
  • Documents - You can upload any documents related to the incentive pool.

Once you have completed the incentive pool details, click on 'Save as draft' or 'Publish' (if applicable).

The authorisation will appear on the 'Incentive Pool' page and you will be able to see the breakdown of the pool

Incentive Poll 20210119 SC3
Incentive pool 2021119 SC 4
  • Outstanding - Equity that is granted and either vesting or vested.
  • Exercised - Equity that has been exercised.
  • Available - Equity left in your incentive pool that is available to be granted.
  • Authorised - The total number of equity authorised in the pool.

If an option grant lapse, then the number in the 'Outstanding' will decrease and the 'Available' will increase as the options are returned to the pool.

If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket.