How to Create a Valuation

You can record all company valuations in the Valuations page on Capdesk i.e. AMV/UMV from HMRC for EMI grants.

You can access this by clicking on the “Shares” tab -> “Valuation” header -> green button “Add Valuation”.

You’ll then be directed to the page where you input the valuation details.

“SHARE CLASS” - choose what share class your valuation falls under e.g. Ordinary. You can find out more about how to create a Share Class on Capdesk here:

“TYPE” - type of valuation e.g. for EMI option grants, both Actual Market Value (AMV) and Unrestricted Market Value (UMV) need to be registered.

“VALUATION DATE” - the date of the valuation.

“SHARE PRICE” - the price paid per share.



  • “Should not value grants at grant date” - tick this if the valuation will only be used to value the grants that are linked to it. If not ticked, the valuation will be used to value grants at grant date.
  • “Agreed with Authorities” - tick if the valuation has been agreed with the authorities.

“Notes and Documents” - you can include any notes and upload documents.


Once you have filled the valuation details, click on Save.

Once you have created your valuation, they will appear on the “Valuation” page.