How to create a Share Grant (Growth Share) Plan

Before you can record share grants, you need to add a share grant plan on Capdesk, this article explains how to do this.

To add a share grant plan, first, you'll need the Share Grant module on your Capdesk account.
This link explains how to do this if you haven't already: Add Equity Modules to Capdesk

With that done, you can go to your "Plan" tab on the "Share Grant" page to add a plan.

From here you can select the green "Add Plan" button and enter the details of the plan after which, you'll find the plan listed, as seen above.

On the "Create Share Plan" page you'll be able to decide the characters of the plan these being its name, share class and its relation to the incentive pool.

You have three chooses when choosing how the share grant plan should relate to the incentive pool.

1) "Directly from Incentive Pool"- This will draw from the incentive pool as a whole.

2) "Authorised specifically for the plan (a proportion of the pool)" - You can choose your plan to be drawn from a specific pool e.g. a pool allocated only for advisors.

3) "Outside Pool (non-incentive shares outside the pool)"- If the share grant aren't drawn from the incentive pool you can select this option.

You can add any relevant documents you want by selecting the "Documents" section

After adding this you'll be able to select it when recording or issuing Share Grants.

If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket here.