How to convert shares in an import file

To convert shares from existing share class to a different share class in an import file

Before shares can be converted, the share classes that you want the shares to convert to will need to be added on Capdesk (if not done already). To learn how to add a new share class, click here.

An import file needs to be prepared. If you would like to see a sample import file click Shares (under Ownership) -> Transactions -> Import Shareholders -> Download Sample CSV File.

On the spreadsheet you have downloaded, you can either delete the sample data and input your own or you can copy the headings onto an excel spreadsheet. 

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To convert shares on the import sheet, you will need:

"first_name” (mandatory) - First name of the shareholder.

last_name” (mandatory) - Last name of the shareholder.

email” (mandatory) - Email address of the shareholder. This is how a stakeholder is uniquely identified.

"registration_number" (non-mandatory) - Only enter if the share holder is a company. This is the company registration number.

"company_name" (non-mandatory) - If the shareholder is a company, enter the name here. If this is the case then the 'first_name' and 'last_name' should be left blank.

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 12.02.34

"address1", "city" and "postcode" (non-mandatory) - The personal address of the shareholder.

country” (mandatory) - Country of residence for the phantom shareholder. Please ensure this is in the format of ISO ALPHA-2 (you can find the full list of countries here).

"stakeholder_category" (non-mandatory) - This is an open text field and you can input any text that you would like. For example, "founder", "angel", "vc", "crowd_investor", "lender", "investor", "employee", "partner","board_member", "chairman". This can be left blank.

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"seller_share_class" (mandatory) - This is the existing share class you want to convert to a different share class.

"price" (mandatory) - How much it will cost the person/company to convert their shares. If there is no cost then simply enter '0'.

"quantity" (mandatory) - How many of shares from the seller share class you want to convert to a different share class.

"date" (mandatory) - The date that this conversion will take place.

"share_class" (mandatory) - The new share class that the shares will be converted to. (Please ensure this share class is added on Capdesk before you import)

"funding_round" (non-mandatory) -  If you want to associate the conversion with a funding round, you can add a funding round name.

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Once the spreadsheet has been populated, the sheet needs to be downloaded as a csv file. To do this click the 'File' tab -> Download as -> comma-separated values (csv, current sheet). 

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You will then need to go onto Capdesk and click on Shares (under Ownership) -> Transactions -> Import Shares -> Select File to Import and then select the csv file you just downloaded.

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If your csv file fails to upload you will need to download the “Download Processed CSV” to see what errors have occurred.

Once you have established the errors and corrected your import file, download the updated csv file and try and upload it again by clicking “Reimport CSV File”.

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 15.41.19
Once you have successfully imported the file, you can view the conversion on the Cap Table page (finding the shareholder) or on Shares page.

If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket here.