How to Add Administrators and Viewers

To add additional administrators or add viewers, you can do this by going to “User Access” under Settings on the company Capdesk account.

Only users with administrator rights can add other administrators / viewers.


An administrator will be able to view and edit aspects of the company, whereas viewers have view-only access and will not be able to make any edits (viewers can only see the data on Capdesk if the company is live).


The access of administrators can configured for all areas (full access), news and comments.

If you click on the action button (with the 3 dots), you should see three options:

  • “Modify” - you can edit the administrators information i.e. first name, last name, etc.
  • “Edit Access” - this is explained further below.
  • “Remove” - this removes the administrator from the list, therefore will not have any access.


Modified Access

You can customise administrators access. For example, if you like an administrator to be able to only see the shares data and not options then it is possible to modify to this access.

If you click on "Edit Access", you will then be able to select which access the admin can have.


In the screenshot above, the admin has full access. If you change the Full Access to "Read", this is equivalent to a viewer and they will be able to see everything but not be able to make any changes.

To customise their access, you will need to change the Full Access to "None". Then change the settings to Read or Write for the pages you want them to have access to and click on Save.