How to Create Funding Rounds

Funding Rounds summarises the total amount of money raised and total shares issued for all transactions linked to the round. You can find this page by going to the Shares tab (under Ownership) -> Rounds.

The funding rounds are sorted by start and end date.


There are two ways to create a funding round:

Manually on Capdesk:

Click ‘add funding round’ button. Enter the name of the funding round and save. When adding a new transaction you will be able to choose the funding round from the ‘funding round’ dropdown in the transaction form.

After saving/publishing the transaction, it will be added to the funding round.


Import file:

Additionally, you can also create funding rounds directly from the ‘csv importer’. There is a “funding_round” column and you can add the funding round name to the transaction.

You can modify or delete funding rounds by pressing the action button (far right with 3 dots) in the funding round table. Please note that you cannot delete a funding round with linked transactions.