How to Generate A CS01 on Capdesk

Fill out your Annual Confirmation Statement on Capdesk with a click of a button. Ready to file to Companies House in a Jiffy!

Please note: Capdesk does not submit the CS01 to Companies House. You can generate the form, verify, update and file it online to Companies House.

A CS01 (Confirmation Statement) will need to be filed by your business once a year. Your deadline is 12 months since the date you filed in your last Confirmation Statement to Companies House.

On Capdesk, you can do this faster than ever, by auto-populating a CS01 form with the click of a button. Here's how.

1. Start a New Annual Confirmation Statement

First, go to the'Companies House' tab under 'Filings' in the left hand menu, then click the green export button and press 'CS01' shown below with red boxes in this image.




This will bring you to a new window (shown below), providing you with some information about your CS01, and two fields asking you to enter the dates of your last and current Confirmation Statements.

2. Select Dates & Draft Settings for Your CS01

Selecting the date of your last CS01 filing is important, as it tells Capdesk which period of time to include data from. The date of your new Confirmation Statement can be either the current date, or a date in the future.

If your company has not gone live, be sure to select the 'include drafts' option, as all your data will be in draft form before going live.


CS01 Report

3. Receive & File Your Annual Confirmation Statement

Once you've hit 'order', your autofilled CS01 report will be emailed to you straight away. You can download the report to your computer and, if necessary, make updates to it too. Then you're all set to file you CS01 to Companies House. There's more information on how to do this here.

Once you've submitted to Companies House, you can record the fact that you filed your CS01 on Capdesk. This way you can keep track of your CS01 submission dates in the future. You'll be able to see each Confirmation Statement's submission date under the 'Filed' column. To add a submission date, simply click on the action button (three dots) on the right hand side of your CS01 of choice, and then hit 'File'. That will bring you to this page below:


File CS01


All you have to do now is enter the date filed and then select the green 'Mark as Filed' button to enter the date.

CS01 Filing


That's it! Should only take you a couple of minutes but if you have any troubles or questions, always feel free to reach out at We'll be happy to help.


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