How to Add Exercise Document Templates

You will need to add an exercise notice template before you can use the online exercise feature.

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[This video also explains how to enable exercise for an option plan, to find out more how to do this, you can read here.]

To enable online exercises for your grant(s), you will need to upload a document template (e.g. an Exercise Notice). These are the documents you want optionholders to sign when they exercise their options.

To add exercise documents, go to the 'Options' page, click on 'Document Template', 'Add Template' and then select 'Exercise' as your template type.


Exercise option template

You will now have to fill in the details of your exercise. Note that the option plan you select in this form is the one you want to enable exercises for.


Option template details

When you're done, you can add the document template by clicking on 'Add Dynamic Document'.


Add dynamic document


This will give you the option to add the following:

  • Exercise Notice*
  • s431 (1) election
  • s431 (2) election
  • Deed of Adherence

* Exercise Notice document is required.


Select one of the categories - you will need to ensure you have all the Capdesk placeholders in the document. Click on 'View available placeholders' to see the required placeholders.


Exercise notice placeholders


You can download a sample template to see what the exercise notice with Capdesk placeholders looks like. 

* Useful tip: highlight the Capdesk placeholders in the document, this increases the chance of uploading the document successfully. If you have trouble uploading the document, please reach out to support at

You can also add static documents which are additional documents that the stakeholder can see once you have executed the online exercise. 

Once you have uploaded all relevant document templates, click on 'Save'.


Exercise notice template


You can now terminate an option grant (you can find out more on how to do this here) and if the optionholder decides to exercise, they will now need to sign the documents you have added. 


Editing dynamic documents:


Once you have uploaded your dynamic document(s), you can edit them if needed. You can do this by navigating to the 'Options' page, clicking on 'Document Templates' and then the action button (3 dots right of the document template). Select the 'Edit' option. 

You can also choose the 'Deactivate' option, which will remove the document template and will render it no longer in use.


Edit document template


When you  remove a document, you can then upload another or add additional dynamic and static documents.


Editing option template

Keep in mind that any updates will not affect the option grants already created. If you want these to be updated, please contact support at

Once you've made the updates, click on 'Save' and the process will be completed.