Establishing An Exercise Approver

When an optionholder decides to exercise their options, you will need an administrator to approve the exercise. Find out more on how to give the administrator access below.

An exercise approver is an administrator who will review and approve online transactions. Their identity must be verified before you can give them access to approve exercises.

To give an administrator / yourself access to approve exercises, go to the 'User Access' page under 'Settings', and click the action button (3 dots far right of the administrator. Then select 'Edit Access'.


Edit user access


Scroll down the 'Document and Transaction Approvals' section, and navigate to the 'Approving Exercises' section. Change this to 'Write'.

This allows the administrator to approve exercises, but if you also tick the checkbox 'Make this admin the default exercise approver', they will be assigned the task of approving exercises by default. Even if you have made an administrator the default approver, you can still change this later.


Approver Access

You can give as many administrators as you want 'Write' access for approving exercises, but you can only set one administrator as the default person.

If you try to give an administrator access to approve exercises and they have not verified their identity, this is what you will see:

No user access

Please ensure the administrator verifies their identity. You can find out more on how to verify identity here.