How to Enable Online Exercises for an Option Plan

You will need to enable online exercises for an option plan before you can allow optionholders to exercise their options on Capdesk

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In order to perform online exercises, you will first need to have:

The next step will be to enable online exercise for the option plan(s) in question.

To enable exercises for an option plan, go to the 'Options' page, then 'Plans', and click on the action button (3 dots far right of the option plan). Select 'Edit'.


Enable online exercises

In the form that appears, click the checkbox 'Enable Online Exercise, and then the 'Save' button. 

If you have not verified your identity / company identity or added an exercise document template, you will see the below. 


Unable to enable online exercises

Click on 'Complete these steps' and you'll be directed to a page with a list of steps you need to follow to enable online exercises.

You can see a list of option plans that are exercisable by going to the 'Options' page (under 'Equity Awards') and clicking on 'Enable Online Exercises' (illustrated below).


Options page: Enable online exercises


Scroll down to 'Make Plans Exercisable' to see which option plans have been enabled for online exercises. 


If you want to enable online exercises for another plan, ensure you have an exercise document template added for that plan (you can read more about this here), and then you will be able to edit the plan and enable online exercises.