How to record an equity grant

You can record the following equity awards; options, share grants, warrants, phantom shares and restricted stock units (RSUs)

Before you can record a grant, you will need to:

  • Enable the relevant equity add-on before you can record them. Once enabled, you should find it under 'Equity Awards' and click on the equity page that you would like to record a grant for.
  • Add an equity plan: This is the plan the equity will be issued from. 

We will show you option grants in this article as an example.

Go to Options (left-side menu) then 'Grants' tab and click the 'Add Grant' button, then 'Register Offline Issuance'.

Regiser OG 20210126

You will then either choose a stakeholder from the pre-existing list (those that are already registered on Capdesk) or select 'Add New Optionholder Instead'. If the latter choice, you will need to enter details of the optionholder (name, email, etc).

Register OG 20210126 sc 7After you've chosen or created a stakeholder, you will then need to enter the details of the option grant. Some details are dependent on the equity type.

Register OG 20210127

The details can include:

  • Plan - This is the plan of the grant
  • Grant date - The date of grant (not vesting start date)
  • Exercise price (only applicable for options and warrants) - Exercise price per share
  • Options (only applicable to option grants)- Number of options granted
  • Expires - The expiration date of when the grant expires
  • Vesting Schedule
  • Hurdle Price (only applicable for share grants and phantom shares) - The hurdle price per share
  • Phantom Shares (only applicable to phantom shares)- Number of phantom shares granted
  • Warrants (only applicable to warrant grants) - Number of warrants granted
  • Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) (only applicable to RSUs) - Number of RSU shares are granted
  • Subscription Price (only applicable to RSUs) - Subscription price per share

Once you've entered the relevant details, select either the 'Save Draft' or 'Publish and Notify' (if applicable) button.

If the equity award is still in 'Draft' you can edit the grant by clicking on the action button (...) to the right-hand side of the award and then 'Edit'.

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 10.24.52

Once the option has been registered it will appear on the 'Grants' tab as shown below.

For greater information about the equity grant click on 'View' by the relevant award.

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 10.19.47


If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket.