How to create an equity plan

This is required for options, warrants, share grants, phantom shares and restricted stock units (RSUs).

Before you can issue any equity (options, warrants, share grants, phantom shares or RSUs), you will need to have an equity plan created to record or issue the equity types mentioned.

You can create an equity plan by clicking on the equity-type tab under 'Equity Awards' -> 'Plans' -> green button 'Add Plan'.

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If you can't see the 'Equity Awards' tab, you will need to go into 'Settings and Add-ons' and tick the relevant equity 'Add-on' then click 'Save'.

You will then need to provide information about the plan.

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The mandatory information we need:

  • The 'Use Shares'- This determines where the equity awards are drawn from:
    • 'Directly from Incentive Pool' - The standard plan. An incentive pool is an allocation of shares underlying the plan from which payment of awards is made. 
    • 'Authorised specifically for this plan' - A portion of the pool. 
    • 'Outside the pool (non-incentive shares outside the pool)' - Non-incentive shares outside the pool.
    • 'Issued' - If the shares are already issued to a shareholder who will be satisfying the awards on exercise e.g. an EBT.
  • 'Name' - The name of the plan e.g. EMI. 
  • 'Share Class' - The share class in which the equity will be issued as.  
  • 'Type' (Only applicable to option plans) - You can choose the type of option plan e.g. EMI, CSOP etc.

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    You can also provide which are non-mandatory:

    • 'Authority Reference' (Only applicable to option plans) - A reference to a plan provided by the authorities. 
    • 'Terms and Conditions' - Fill out this section if you have any particular terms or conditions that your plan requires. 
    • 'Note' - This is where you can write comments about specific conditions of the grant for the stakeholders and administrators to view.
    • 'Documents' - You can upload any documents relating to the plan. For example, an option plan, board resolution, shareholder resolution. Once you have successfully uploaded the document you need to press 'Add document' for it to be added.
    • 'Termination Rules': Used when terminating online grants (only applicable to options and warrants). When starting the termination process a rule can be used to define the exercise period of the termination. Those rules can be seen as templates, as the exercise period of the termination can be customised before starting the process. 

    Once the information is complete, click on 'Save' and you will now see it on the 'Plans' page. 

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    If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket.