Explanation of placeholders for the share certificate template

You can use your own share certificate template to generate and sign share certificates. This article explains the placeholders required in the template.

You can generate and issue share certificates to your shareholders using Capdesk. You can follow this support article which explains how to generate the share certificate. We allow for you to use your own share certificate template.

The template itself is referred to as a 'Dynamic Document' - this means that each placeholder in the document will refer to information about the shareholders' holdings. 

You can use our example template for share certificate.

Please note that the above template is a very basic sample, intended to give you an understanding of what a template might look like with the Capdesk placeholders. 

We currently do not support share certificate that includes:

  • Coloured background
  • Different style fonts (for placeholders)
  • Capitalising placeholder text (i.e we can not capitalise the shareholder's name if the name has been recorded in lowercase on Capdesk)


You will need to include the following placeholders in your share certificate template:

Mandatory placeholders

Capdesk placeholder What does it mean


The share certificate number
<<capdesk:Quantity>> The amount of shares shareholder holds
<<capdesk:Shareholder:Name>> The name of the shareholder
<<capdesk:ShareClass:Name>> Name of the share class
<<capdesk:Issuer:Name>> The name of the company
<<capdesk:Issuer:RegistrationNumber>> The company registration number
<<capdesk:IssuerSignatory1:Name>> The name of the first person who is signing on behalf of the company
<<capdesk:IssuerSignatory1:Signature>> The signature of the first company signatory
<<capdesk:IssuerSignatory1:SignatureDate>> The date of when the first company signatory signs


We have additional placeholders that are not compulsory which you can also include:

Optional placeholders

Capdesk placeholder What does it mean
<<capdesk:Shareholder:RegistrationNumber>> If the shareholder is a company, their company registration number 
<<capdesk:Shareholder:Address>> The shareholder's address 
<<capdesk:IssuerSignatory1:Title>> The title of the first company signatory e.g. Mr, Mrs, Miss etc 
<<capdesk:IssuerSignatory1:Capacity>> The job title of the first company signatory e.g. Director
<<capdesk:IssuerWitness:Address>> The company witness' address
<<capdesk:IssuerWitness:Name>> The company witness' name
<<capdesk:IssuerWitness:Occupation>> The company witness' occupation
<<capdesk:IssuerWitness:Signature>> The signature of the company's witness
<<capdesk:IssuerWitness:SignatureDate>> The date of when the company's witness signed the agreement


You can have up to 3 company signatories and you can use the same issuer signatory placeholders but with the number changed. For example, the second company signatory you will need to use placeholders: 





If you would like to know how to populate and upload the share certificate, read here.


If you need further assistance, you can reach out by submitting a support ticket.