Ad hoc costs: DocuSign and transaction fees

Additional fees associated to online tasks

In addition to your subscription cost, there are two ad hoc costs associated to specific actions on the platform:

1) DocuSign fees

2) Transaction fees

1) DocuSign fees

There are some features, such as online option grant signing, that require you to execute and sign documents. We use DocuSign's platform for actioning the electronic signatures.

Use of Capdesk’s signing account is free for the first ten documents, and £2.50 per document thereafter. The cost is per fully signed document, not per signature.

Companies using their own DocuSign paid subscription will not be charged. Find out how to log in to your own DocuSign account..

We recommend using your own DocuSign account if possible.

2) Transaction fees

There are two online transactions that you can execute on Capdesk which have a cost associated to them:

1) Online exercises

2) Secondaries

1) Online exercises

You can execute an online exercise which allows option holders to exercise their vested options.

Find out how to set up online exercise on your account.

Fees vary from GBP10.00 to GBP250.00 based on the exercise cost. Part of the fee goes to Capdesk and the rest covers the payment technology that makes your online transaction fast and secure.

Below GBP1,000.00 GBP10.00
GBP1,000.00 - GBP25,000.00 1%
Over GBP25,000.00 GBP250.00

If you have a large volume of exercise transactions, you can contact to change from pay-as-you-go to having set costs included in your subscription.

2) Secondaries

You can execute an online secondary transaction which allows current shareholders to sell their shares to a current or a new shareholder. Find out more about how the online secondaries process works.

There is a fee associated to both the seller and the buyer.

Seller fee: There is a fee of 1.5%, with a maximum value of £500 per seller and a minimum value of £15 per seller.


Buyer fee: Subject to stamp duty if orders are over £1,000.

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If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket.