How to add multiple email accounts

Detailing how to sign in to your account through various email addresses as well as bringing various investment information together.

By default, you are able to log in or sign up to Capdesk with your registered email address. Once logged in, you can associate multiple email addresses with your account. Once an email is associated with your account, you can:
  • Log in with this email
  • Automatically link your account to investments registered with the email
  • Receive news updates and other information pertaining to your investment. 

You can remove extra emails from your account again, as long as you still have at least one email present (your primary email). The primary email is the email where you'll receive stakeholder information from the companies you are linked to.

Investments will only show in your portfolio if the email address the company used for registering your investment on Capdesk is associated to your account. Emails saved with investments can only be changed by the company administrator of the company, so if you believe that your investment registrations in a company are missing or incorrect, contact the company.

How to add an email address

Click the icon of a person in the top right corner of the page. Then, select 'Capdesk Account'.


Scroll to the 'Emails' section. Here you will find your primary email address (the email address used to initially log into your account.

Type the new email address under 'Add email' and then click the green 'Add email' button.

Additional email

Once clicked, you will be notified that Capdesk has sent a verification email to the new address. The verification link will be valid for 7 days.


Locate this email in your inbox and click the green 'Verify Email' button.

Verify email

Once verified, you will see that the additional email has changed from unverified to a blue link. Now, you have the option to delete the email or make it the primary email. If made primary, this is the email address that will receive all relevant Capdesk emails.


You can now repeat this process for multiple email addresses. 


If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket.