Dashboard page

An overview for administrators of all share issuances, grants and other types of equity consolidated onto one page

Dashboard page summarises all current equity that is stored on Capdesk highlighting total shareholders, number of funding rounds, the amount raised by issuances, and many more.

You can find the dashboard page on the top left of the navigation bar and select where your company name is.

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Summary section

You can find the following information (if applicable):

Shareholders Total amount of shareholders invested in your company 
Shareholders on Capdesk The number of shareholders who have signed up to Capdesk
Funding rounds Total amount of funding rounds your company has gone through 
Amount raised by issuance  Amount raised through your investors 
Notes outstanding  Total amount of convertible loan notes still outstanding, not yet converted 
Shares issued & outstanding Total amount of shares issued and currently still outstanding
Employee equity (options, warrants, share grants, RSUs, phantom shares, and deferred) Sums up the total amount of employee grants issued for each type of equity and its fully diluted (FD) % position
Available in incentive pool

Total amount left in the incentive pool to grant 


If you have any investments in the company, it will be shown in this section.

Latest prices 

This section shows the latest price (per share) for each share class (typically the price of the last issuance for that share class).


If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket.