Creating a Grant Term Template

A grant term defines a set of termination rules to be used when a grantholder is terminated. The rules extend the expiry date of a grant to allow the grantholder to exercise within a given period.

If you have lots of options to issue with the same grant term, it may be easier to use our grant term template feature.

The grant term template allows you to input the grant term as a template and then select this template when issuing options.

You can do this by clicking on the “Templates” tab (under Equity Awards) -> “GRANT TERM” -> green button “Add Template”.

Note: If you can't see the "EQUITY AWARDS" tab, you may need to go into "Settings and Add-ons" and tick "Options Addon".

You’ll then be directed to the page where you input the grant term details.

“TEMPLATE NAME” (mandatory) - the name you want to give this particular grant term e.g. Exercise Period for EMI scheme.

“Add Termination Rule”:

  • “Cancellation Reason” - Reason for termination such as grantholder leaving or grantholder death.
  • “Period” - e.g. days, weeks, months, years.
  • “Period Count” - the exercise period after cancellation e.g. 10 years.

Once you have filled the termination rule details, click on Save.

You can then add additional termination rules subject to a different cancellation reason.

Once you have filled the grant term details, click on Save.

Once you have made your templates, they will appear on the “Template” page.

You can now issue an option grant and select the grant term template.