How to create a Grant Template

In order to ease the burden of creating grants, we allow admins to define grant templates.

If you have lots of options to issue on Capdesk with the same vesting schedule, it may be quicker to create to use our "Grant" template feature.

These templates can be chosen when creating grants, instead of inputting all input parameters. A grant is then suggested based on the template and the admin can choose to create the grant or change some parameters before creating the grant.

To create a grant template,  go to the "Options” page from the left-hand menu (under Equity Awards) and selecting the "Grant Templates" tab and clicking on "Add New Template".

[Note: If you can't see the "EQUITY AWARDS" tab, you may need to go into "Settings and Add-ons" and tick "Options Addon"]

You’ll then be directed to the page where you input the vesting schedule details.

“TEMPLATE NAME” (mandatory) - the name you want to give this particular vesting schedule e.g. EMI 2019.

Selecting the vesting schedule type:


“VESTING ON” (mandatory) - select when in the month, the grant should vest. It can currently be one of three options:

  • Start of the month: The beginning of each month to vest, e.g. 1st of January, 1st of February, 1st of March, 1st of April, etc.
  • Last of the month: At the end of each month, e.g. 31st of January, 28th (29th) of February, 31st of March, 30th of April, etc.
  • Same date: This will the same day of the vesting start date, e.g. 14th of January, 14th of February, 14th of March, 14th of April, etc.

“VESTING PERIOD (MONTHS)” (mandatory) - the total vesting period in months including any cliff e.g. if it vests over 4 years, it will be 48.

“VESTING CLIFF (MONTHS)” (non-mandatory) - this is the period (in months) where no options are vested. This can be left blank if the option starts vesting immediately.

“VESTING CLIFF PERCENTAGE” (non-mandatory) - at the end of the cliff period, a % amount will vest. E.g. 12 options vested out of 48 options in total (12/48 = 25%).

“VESTING INTERVAL (MONTHS)” (mandatory) - The frequency of options vesting either or after the cliff period. If monthly, input 1. If quarterly, it'll be 3. If annually, it’ll be 12 etc.

Once you have filled the vesting schedule details, click on Save.

Note: Custom schedules i.e. milestones/conditions are not supported.

Once you have added the template, they will appear on the “Grant Templates” tab.

You can now issue an option grant and modify the vesting using the vesting schedule template you have created by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket here.

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