Claim your Company (manage a company's shares)

This article will address how to "Claim your Company". For when you've been added as the contact person for a company on Capdesk

When a company on Capdesk has registered shares owned by a company, there will be a contact person for that company.

If you are that person, you'll need to "Claim the Company" on Capdesk. This will allow you to see the shares of that company in your portfolio as a separate entity.

This will make you an administrator of this "Holding company" on Capdesk. You will not need to do anything on the account after claiming the company, this simply recognises you as the person overseeing the shares held by that company.  You should then find the company listed under the Administrated section of your home page:

You can add others to see the shareholding of this company by adding them as an admin, this support article can show you how to do this: how-to-add-admins-and-viewers.

After signing up to Capdesk, log on and you can claim companies in two places:

1) You can find "Claim Your Company" listed on the homepage, shown below.

Claim your Company

2) You can also find the claim company page by clicking the icon of the person in the top right-hand corner of your screen. You'll find a section in your account settings named "Claim Your Companies" on the left side under "Status", an example picture below.

Screenshot 2019-11-25 at 13.33.03

From here you'll need to click "Become Administrator", this will bring you to a window where you can add and confirm the company's details.

Comfirm company details


After you're happy with the details, click "Create Company".

When successful, you'll be presented with this window:
 completed claiming the company


And finally, when you go back to your portfolio you will then see the company listed alongside yourself and any other companies that you manage:
portfolio with mutiple companies

If you have been asked to claim the same company twice by an investor or by multiple investors, please contact support here.

If you have other questions relating to managing your portfolio or changing your personal details/settings, please read these other articles: