How to claim your company (manage your company's shares)

Viewing the company holdings as the specified contact person

When an administrated company on Capdesk has registered an investment by another company, there will be a contact person for that investment company.

If you have been added as the contact person, you'll need to 'Claim the Company' on Capdesk. This will allow you to see the shares held by that company in your portfolio as a separate entity.

Once actioned, you will become an administrator of this 'Holding company' on Capdesk. You will not need to do anything on the account after claiming the company, this simply recognises you as the person overseeing the shares held by that company. Although, if you wish, you are able to add various 'administrators' to the holding company so that they can also view the investment.

How to 'Claim your Company' 

Once you have logged in or signed up to Capdesk, click the 'Claim Your Company' tab followed by the green 'Become Administrator' button.

Claim company

Fill in the required information (denoted by the asterisk) in order to become an account administrator. Read and tick the Customer Agreement and then click the green 'Create company' button to proceed. 

View Investment

By default, you will be taken to the new holding company account where you can see the holding company's investment in the company registered on Capdesk. This section is denoted by the company portfolio on the left side tab.

Company Portfolio

To view these holdings in your portfolio, click the Capdesk logo and click the portfolio tab. Then, under the 'Portfolio of' section, change the name from yourself to the name of the holding company.

Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 23.24.57

To locate the holding company account, click the 'Administrated tab'.

Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 23.27.03


If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket.