Approving an Online Exercise

approving exercises

Once an optionholder have exercised their options, it is time for you to review and approve the exercise.

In your 'Tasks' section, under 'Status', you'll be able to see which exercise grant(s) need approving. The grant's Status will be  tagged as 'Issuer Approving' to indicate that action is now required from you.


Tasks section


Please note that you can only approve an exercise if you have administrator approving exercise access. For more information, take a look at this support article on obtaining administrator access.


If you wish to see more information on the exercise, simply click on the grant, and a side panel will appear on your right.


More information approving exercise


You can then approve the exercise, by clicking on the action button (3 dots on the far right of the exercise grant), and selecting 'Approve'. You can also change the approver (see below for instructions).


Approve exercise


When you click on 'Approve', you will be shown the following page:


Admin - exercise payment

You will need to review the exercise payment information and then click on 'Approve with Authentication Code'. 

[Please note that there is a small fee involved for processing the payment, and it varies from GBP10.00 to GBP250.00 based on the exercise cost. If you have a large volume of exercise transactions, you can contact sales to change from pay-as-you-go to having costs included in your subscription].

A 6 digit authentication code will be sent to the mobile number you have provided, to ensure you your identity and that you are indeed granted the right to approve exercises.


Authentication code


Once you have submitted the code on Capdesk, the exercise status in the 'Tasks' section will change to 'Transferring Money'. This is to show that the money sent by the optionholder is being transferred from the escrow account to the company. 

Based on authorisations being received and all parties being verified by 16:00, Shieldpay will pay out to your company on the same business day. They run 4 payment runs a day and will pay out funds within 3 hours of authorisation being received.  

The status will then change to 'Completed', meaning that the money has been successfully transferred. 


Changing Approver:


You can change the administrator of the exercise approval. You can do this by clicking on 'Change Approver' in the Tasks section, as shown below. 


Approve exercise


Now, select an administrator from the list of admin users, or click 'Configure Approvers'. 


Choose Approver

If you decide to configure approvers, please read here for more information.