How to record an acquisition or delete a company

Permanently reduce or remove access to your company through acquisition or deletion

The 'Account' section of Capdesk allows you to review and make significant changes to your company account. Navigate to this page on the left hand side menu under the 'Settings' heading.

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Acquisition of Company

Administrators can choose to close the company due to an acquisition. Select the 'Mark Company as Acquired' option to carry out this action.

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Marking your company as acquired will prevent anyone except administrators from accessing it. This permanent action will remove all investors' access from the company.

Investors will still be able to see the acquisition date and company status in their personal investment portfolio on Capdesk. The company will be marked with an 'Acquired' tag and a tooltip is visible on their shares that were sold.

If any non-administrator tries to access the company - for instance through an old news email link - they'll be notified of the acquisition and shown a 'closed company' page.

Administrators will retain access to closed companies and be able to export reports, but nothing can be published, and news cannot be sent.


Delete Company

As an administrator, you can also choose to delete the company by selecting the 'Delete Company' option within the 'Account Settings' page. 

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Deleting your company will disconnect all stakeholders' and administrators' access to the company (including your own). This is an irrevocable action that permanently removes access to this company account. 

If any administrators or investors attempt to access the company through any cached URL or email links, they will be denied access.


If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us by submitting a support ticket.